Glitchify for AE (by Cinema Spice) V1.0.0

Glitchify is the latest and greatest from Cinema Spice. A full featured digital glitch and degeneration effect.

What makes Glitchify unique and amazing, is that not only does it look great when you first apply the effect, you can tweak ever setting to its fullest potential. This makes for ultimate customizability. With a combination of many different glitch effects you can build it as big or small as you need. Things like pixel sort, channel scale, RGB split, block shift, transform glitch and many more.

While the plugin by itself is simply amazing, what is awesome video without awesome sound? Thats why we created a special sound effects pack of digital audio glitches. There is over 70 sounds, and they pair nicely with any look you create with the Glitchify plugin. And of course, buy both in a bundle and save.


code :

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