Superluminal Stardust for AE [Win/Mac] V0.9.6

Stardust is a modular node based 3D particle system. It can be used to create particle effects, motion graphics animations, compositing effects and unique designs. It is fully integrated with After effects, you control every animation property right at the composition. It also includes many stunning effects like Replica , Black hole, a replicating particle effect, an effect that attracts particle as they age and more. You can have multiple emitters, particle types, forces, effects and more, all in one shared space 3D space, on a single After effects layer.

Main features

  • Modular particle system for After Effects, multiple particle types, one 3D space.
  • Create countless particle effects, such as fire, smoke, dust, snow.
  • One click smart presets, that create impressive designs.
  • Many emitter types, from a single point, through live text, masks and 3D models.
  • Animatable 3D splines can emit particles.
  • Create a reflection to the particle space with a single click.
  • Easy to use ‘Over life’ and ‘Over path’ graphs with linear, bezier and freehand modes, for parameters such as speed, rotation, turbulence to get exactly what you want.
  • Space deformers: Sphere, Box, 3d Models, Bend, Twist, Maps, Black Hole and more. You can pull, push, displace and color the particles in many ways.
  • ‘Look at’ makes particles orient to face a goal.
  • ‘Replica’, a unique effect that replicates the particles in different ways, such as offset, linear, grid, corners and more.
  • ‘Black hole’, a deformer that attracts particles to a point in space as they age.

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