Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse Pl for After Effects & Premiere Pro V3.0.15

Color Finesse – Above and Beyond Built-in Color Correction

The Color Finesse 3 PI plug-in works directly in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and other hosts. You get simple access to color correction directly in the host application as well as via the specialized Color Finesse user interface.

Most video editing software now has its own built-in color correction, but it’s often limited in capability, accuracy, and performance. Often you’ll need to combine several color correction filters to perform even simple correction. Each filter you add increases rounding error and image degradation. Color Finesse does all its color correction operations without needing to constantly convert formats and round, reducing errors and creating a pristine image.

Color Finesse offers more correction tools—including secondary color correction and curves—than are found in most built-in correctors.

Three-point color correction is a powerful tool, but not when you’re stuck with fixed definitions of what a highlight, midtone, and shadow is. Those definitions need to change from scene to scene, so Color Finesse gives you a simple tool to let you decide on the definitions, making three-point correction more intuitive and more effective.

And Color Finesse is a true 32-bit floating point color corrector, not just “floating point capable” and not in only a few correction tools.

What’s New in Color Finesse 3.0

  • Includes 64-bit plug-ins for use with Adobe After Effects CS5 and later and Premiere Pro CS5 and later.
  • New Auto-Color and Auto-Exposure buttons give one-click access to your color correction starting point.
  • A new Vibrance control gives more refined control over image saturation. The Vibrance control is similar to that found in Adobe Lightroom.
  • New HSL curves let you control image saturation and lightness based on color hue.
  • A new Highlight Recovery tool provides a visually-pleasing way to recover overbright areas of the image which would normally be clipped.
  • Color Finesse can now export its color correction settings as a 3D LUT in a variety of formats, including Autodesk Lustre and Smoke, Academy LUT, Assimilate Scratch, Pogle, Truelight, Cine-tal, and LUTher.
  • The Color Finesse preview displays now automatically adjust to footage pixel aspect ratio, giving you a correctly formatted preview when working with anamorphic footage.
  • The Vectorscope has been enhanced with a zoom capability, making it easier to see detail when white and black balancing.

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