The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit (3DVD + 1 ebook) 2010

At a Glance

  • Instructional 31-part DVD series, comprehensive CD-ROM and 280-page companion book on the ins and outs of filmmaking
  • Takes you on the set of an actual movie, specifically made to demonstrate each of the principles taught
  • Learn from professional moviemakers as they reveal the tricks of the trade, garnered from years of experience

What better way to learn how to make a film than on the set? The film Time and Again was created solely for the purposes of these instructional DVDs. This means that you get to see everything from the script development process to casting and shooting straight through post production and promotion as the movie is being made.


The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit includes:

  • Time and Again: the movie that started it all
  • How to Make a Hollywood Caliber Movie DVD: a complete breakdown of the filmmaking process
  • Producer’s Notebook DVD: follow the movie making paper trail
  • Production Manuel: 270 jam packed pages of charts, tips, tricks, and diagrams

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