Motion Designer’s Silhouettes- Construction 2016

Motion Designer’s Silhouettes: Construction – Start Building! Dynamic construction worker silhouettes from Digital Juice! Get a professional edge with crisp, clean live-action construction worker Silhouettes. This useful new library of crisp, clean live-action clips brings you an array of male actors performing various types of construction work, in different poses and using a variety of common gestures. These graphic silhouettes are delivered to you matted and ready to use so that you can easily breathe life into your next production or tell a story with fluid motion and graphic boldness.



  • 32 ready-to-use pre-masked Quicktime Silhouettes clips: You get a variety of action clips, all with the ease of a drag-and-drop motion design element.
  • Shot on a green screen using a wide variety of professional dancers and props under controlled conditions: You get the fluidity of live action and realistic human motion without the complexity of color or specific facial expressions or clothing styles.
  • Footage captured at high resolution using a RED ONE camera: You get the highest possible professional quality clips with sharp definition and fluid motion.
  • Meticulously hand-rotoscoped and carefully keyed silhouettes: High resolution elements with crisp, clean mattes give you a professional edge for even the simplest of projects.
  • Three resolutions provided for each clip: Low, Medium and High: Up to 3000 pixels, Up to 1500 pixels, and Up to 500 pixels.
  • Compatible with all non-linear editing tools

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