Isotropix Clarisse iFX 3 (Win/Mac) V3.5

Clarisse is a new breed of high-end 2D/3D animation software which is the fusion of an animation package, a compositing software and a 3D rendering engine.

Clarisse has been designed to streamline the workflow of CG artists to let them work and constantly interact on their final image with full effects on. Clarisse, is specialized in the creation of and assembly of immense environments, look development, lighting and rendering.

The tool of choice for matte painters and environment artists.

Clarisse provides many innovative tools tailored to set dress and generate easily lifelike environments while offering to artists an unprecedented level of interactivity whatever the image complexity.

VFX and Animation Workflow

It’s simple, Clarisse offers what’s probably the most productive and streamlined workflow available on the market which is why it is increasingly used in feature films produced by world leading studios. Imagine this, Clarisse provides a powerful referencing system that works and a rule-based non-linear and non-destructive workflow!

Look Development Feature Set

Clarisse core feature set addresses lighting and rendering. Quite logically it offers a large set of features and innovative solutions dedicated to and designed in collaboration with look development artists. Materials can be applied dynamically to assetss through simple yet powerful rules to streamline the assembly of shots.

Clarisse Rendering Engine

Clarisse rendering engine is extremely fast. It is powered by a state of the art fully integrated multi-threaded CPU based rendering engine. Not only Clarisse is very quick to render final frames but you won’t believe how quick it displays the first pixels after an arbitrary modification.

Ready for your Pipeline

Clarisse is a very versatile software designed to seamlessly work in production environments. Clarisse is plug and play, works in any modern pipeline out-of-the-box. This means that you won’t need to write any custom tools or rely on any third party plugins to work with Clarisse.

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