Quixel Megascans Studio + Library (Win/Mac) v0.917

Quixel announced the public beta release of Megascans, now the world’s largest online scan resource, containing thousands of standardized and physically based surface scans, vegetation scans and 3D scans. Quixel simultaneously introduced a new line of standalone art tools, Megascans Studio and Megascans Bridge, for easily mixing and customizing surface scans, and quickly exporting scans to major engines and renderers.

One week has passed since release week, and the Quixel team has been gathering feedback non-stop from the community. We are excited to roll out the first batch of updates to all Megascans subscribers, including over 100 new scans, custom import support for Megascans Studio, new export profiles for Megascans Bridge, a new tutorial video and much more. Below you’ll find some of the most significant updates that await you!

code : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B9EdenUyKE6g7qQmPrBXEXUKvQc-RiIMy5AV2be__Vg/edit

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