X-Particles 2.1 Build 08 Professional for C4D R13 – R16 (Win64) MUS3

X-Particles is a completely new particle system which does not need the standard CINEMA 4D emitter or Thinking Particles. It has a number of components:

  • six generator objects – Emitter, Object Generator, Sprite Generator, Trail Generator, Skinner object, and Fragmenter object
  • very fast particle rendering even with 10s of millions of particles
  • 39 Xpresso nodes
  • greatly enhanced Python support
  • new particle Painting tool
  • three control objects – System, Question, and Action
  • twenty-seven (count ‘em!) particle modifiers including versions of all the inbuilt modifiers in Cinema and some new ones not provided with C4D as standard
  • seven tags
  • greatly enhanced fluid module with wet map generation
  • particle to scene object and particle to particle collisions
  • fluid simulation and multiphysics constraints
  • four shaders – Particle, Sprite, Skin and Wet Map
  • completely revised and updated caching system
  • online updater for rapid updates and bug fixes

Version 2 includes many exciting new features, such as:

  • multithreaded emitter and other components – far faster when using very large particle counts
  • up to 1 billion particles on screen (if your computer can hack it!)
  • two commercial versions, Standard and Professional
  • new Skinner object (Pro version) – forget the old C4D Metaball object!
  • set of new Xpresso nodes (Pro version)
  • greatly improved collision system
  • new SPH fluid simulation and multiphysics (Pro version)
  • most modifiers enhanced with significant additional features and functionality
  • Trail object has new algorithms for connecting generated splines
  • online updating system for rapid updates and bug fixes
  • new modifiers, including Attractor, Follow Spline, Morph, Rotator, and Wind modifiers
  • and more….

khuyến khích nên mua từ nhà phát hành : http://www.x-particle.com/index.htm

code : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HryoWOw-y_ZUwo40iMfMxDGwRYxJb-MTsDasV13cDOg/edit

Hướng dẫn cách tải về (dowload): http://khodohoa.vn/hot-trend/huong-dan-cach-tai-ve-tai-nguyen-tren-web.html

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