AE Pixel Sorter V1.1

AE Pixel Sorter is the first tool that makes pixel sorting available for motion designers and video editors. Experimenting with pixel sorting algorithms just became so much easier! You can choose and animate all the classic pixel sorting modes, play with the threshold and get near-live feedback of what you’re doing. Pixel sorting effects adds a fresh take on ditigal glitch art and goes well with any glitches and datamoshing!

I’m very happy to release this plugin, hoping it will help generating awesome images with an innovative look.

This first version is released to make pixel sorting in After Effects available as quickly as possible. There is a lot of ideas out there and a lot of things to come in further free updates!

Have fun sorting !

Current features

  • Sorting modes
    • Simple : arranges pixels from darkest to brightest
    • Random: randomly reposition pixels, resulting in a cool colored grain
    • Highlights: sorts the bright pixels of the image
    • Shadows: sorts the dark pixels of the image
    • Sort all pixels
  • Adjustable threshold
  • Keyframable paramaters

code :

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