Gift Box (Custom-Wrapped)

    • Customizable Gift Box : Valentine’s Day Edition!


    • After Effects CS4


    • 17 seconds


    • 1280×720 25fps Pre-rendered Gift Box


    • Change colors of every part


    • Change the wrapping paper to included prerendered designs


    • Change background to any color or image


    • Change the strength of ambient and direct
      lighting as well as reflections and specular


    • 3D-Animated customizable images and text


    • Font: Raspoutine, not included but you can get it here,
      you can use any font you like


    • PDF detailed Manual included


    • Paper wraps from the preview included


    • Advanced users can make their own custom wrapping paper
      using the included PSD template and step-by-step tutorial
      (this feature is NOT compatible with CS6)


    • Or you can e-mail me to customize it for you


  • Music: Sunshine by Basspartout
    not included, you can get it here:

Plugins are not required if you just want to use solid color on the box or use prerendered wrapping-papers that you can see in the preview. But if you’d like to retexture the box into a different, custom wrapping-paper, you will have to install a free ft-uvpass plugin or e-mail me to customize it for you. Big thanks goes to the author of this plugin, François Tarlier, who made it available for free. You can get it here. Just enter 0$ as your price if you don’t want to donate anything to the author. This plugin is NOT compatible with CS6

Optionally, for applying Motion-Blur after you’ve customized the prerendered footage, you’ll need the ReelSmart MB PRO plugin which is very useful if you use it a lot. Again, it’s not required, the video will look just fine even without it. If you decide on buying it, just remember that it’s the PRO version you need, yep, the pricier one unfortunately :|

I’ve also written a detailed step-by-step PDF manual, you can’t get lost in this template ;)

More templates:

code :

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