Introduction to SketchBook Pro 6

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Introduction to SketchBook Pro 6 170mins

  • Interface Overview and File Creation 10m
  • Exploring the Lagoon 9m
  • Navigating the Canvas 6m
  • Working with Layers 10m
  • Selections and Transformations 10m
  • Brush Basics 9m
  • Modifying Brush Properties 11m
  • Working with Brush Sets 7m
  • Creating Do-it-yourself Brushes 10m
  • Creating Custom Icons for Do-it-yourself Brushes 7m
  • Creating a Texture Brush 7m
  • Working with Color 9m
  • Line and Shape Sketching Tools 10m
  • Using Flood Fills 5m
  • Working with Rulers and French Curves 9m
  • Drawing with Symmetry 6m
  • Color Correcting Images 6m
  • Cropping Images 3m
  • Working with Synthetic Brushes 12m
  • Working with Copic Markers 11m
  • Saving Your Artwork 3m

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