Golaem Crowd 6 for Maya 2015-2017 [Win64] V6.0.1

Golaem announces Golaem 6, giving Crowd TDs more accesses under the hood of the simulation engine. They can now customize the way characters perceive and react to their environment, giving them custom Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Other additions include an Emit/Kill behavior, a behavior for Traffic Simulation as well as some improvements on the acclaimed Golaem Layout Tool.

These new features are based on user feedbacks and requests, Golaem being used by renowned studios on more and more demanding projects: Pirates of Caribbean by Atomic Fiction, Halo Wars 2 by Blur, Hacksaw Ridge by Slate VFX, Captain Underpants by Mikros Image, Game of Thrones…

Golaem 6 has been beta tested for several weeks by our biggest customers, with some production shots already released. The following video demonstrate the new features available in this version:


  • Added a Freeze On Collided mode in the MasterSlave Behavior (eg sticky arrows)
  • Added collision support of Apex Cloth Behavior and Crowd Rigid Bodies (max 32 spheres and 32 planes)
  • New ChannelOperator Behavior to build your own fuzzy logic mechanism
  • New Perception system to perceive obstacles and entities
  • New Traffic Simulation Behaviors
  • New Emit Behavior
  • New Kill Behavior
  • New Accumulator Trigger
  • New Trajectory Edit layers in the Layout Tool (smoothing, avoidance, vector field…)
  • Component based edition of slot of the PopulationTool
  • Render Previz display mode now supports up to 16 shadowing lights (spot, omni, ambient, point or directional)
  • Render Previz display mode can now be extended via its .GLSL shader

code : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RBZt8qrV8ENSKwt_6wQemUBVR1o9rXbb1oLaj7RvdnQ/edit

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