Shave and a Haircut 9 for Maya 2016-2017 (Win/Mac) v9.5 v5

JoeAlter Shave & A Haircut 9.5 For Maya 2016-2017

Joe Alter Shave and a Haircut is a plugin for Maya, that creates extra realistic hair and fur surfaces. With this, you can create furry animals, grasses, haircuts, mustaches and so on. And this is not only about extra rendering-realistic, but also extra dynamic-realistic hair/fur. Combining advantages from both Maya Fur and Maya Hair modules inside itself, JA S&H is a perfect decision for your production. It makes creating of haircuts much easier with much finer level of control and much less rendering time. S&H also MentalRay- and RenderMan-compatible, so you can create super-photorealistic renderings using with no additional compositing.

What’s new in 9.5? (since 8.0)

-Maya 2016.7 and Maya 2017support.

-New viewport Shading

-We’ve added interactive glsl lighting on display hairs, you can see highlights move around as you do stuff in the viewport.

-Transparency in the viewport .

-Viewport 2.0 support (for 2014 and 15).

-New Display feature with preview mode for better handling of heavy scene in viewport .

-Live texture update, you can apply and fiddle with your textures for all channels and see results immediately (no ‘texture update’ necessary).

-Multi-threaded all guide handling, interactive and dynamics/collision are hugely faster.

-Better instance handling.

-Brush Intensity

-Vray 3.xsupport

-RMS 19.0support

code :

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