Hollywood Camera Work: The Master Course

Years in the making, The Master Course In High-End Blocking And Staging is the most comprehensive and ambitious Directing Course in the world. A groundbreaking learning tool, the course teaches high-end camera work through over 9 hours of 3D animated instruction on 6 Region-Free DVDs.


For Directors, Cinematographers, Script Supervisors, 3D Animators, Visual Effects Artists, Game Designers, Videographers, Actors, Editors, Writers. Besides working with actors, blocking is one of the most important things a Director does, and should be really good at. Yet most books, videos and many film schools barely touch the basics.


With The Master Course, you will…

  • Learn Feature and Network Quality Directing.
  • Become a master of blocking technique through almost a thousand 3D animations.
  • Get a profound understanding of every conceivable camera and actor movement.
  • Do more effective and cohesive blocking using fewer setups.
  • Get more production-value, which ironically costs less.
  • Become an expert at using dolly and crane.
  • Know how to make every choice while blocking scenes from scratch.
  • Create complex scenes without line-issues and editing problems.
  • Finally be able to concentrate on the actors.
  • Learn how easy it can be to do great camera work.




  • Introduction
  • Shot Sizes And Types
  • Focal Length
  • Framing And Perspective
  • Staging Upwards And Downwards
  • Managing The Line
  • Coverage
  • Spatial Continuity
  • Open And Closed Framing
  • Right-Angle, Outward And Parallel Cameras
  • Letter Shapes And Camera Plots: I
  • Letter Shapes And Camera Plots: A
  • Letter Shapes And Camera Plots: L
  • Letter Shapes And Camera Plots: U, II, O
  • Scattered Characters




  • Temporal Continuity
  • Expanding And Contracting Time
  • Transforming Cameras
  • Covering Stops
  • Motivations For Character Movement
  • Motivations For Stopping
  • Script Staging: Motivations For Movement
  • Intimacy, Honesty And Power
  • Script Staging: Intimacy, Honesty And Power
  • Managing The Line: Moving Lines Part I
  • Managing The Line: Moving Lines Part II
  • Coordinating Foreground And Background
  • Deep Staging Part I: Static
  • Deep Staging Part II: Shifting Depth
  • Depth Of Field In-Depth
  • Managing Focus And Rack Focus
  • Mirrors, Hotspots And Shadows




  • Introduction
  • Why Storyboarding Doesn’t Work
  • Thinking In Parallel
  • Thinking In Keyframes
  • Thinking Backwards
  • Script Staging: Parallel Staging And Keyframes
  • Pan: Keyframe To Keyframe
  • Pan: Reframe And Regroup
  • Pan: Start On, Reveal, End On
  • Blocking-Transitions
  • Pan: Search, Shift, Swish
  • Pan: Hand-Off
  • Parallax And The Value Of Foreground
  • Track: Coordinating Foreground
  • Track: Keyframe To Keyframe
  • Track: Keyframes On Opposite Sides Of The Line
  • Track: Deep Staging To Deep Staging
  • Track: Early And Late Arrival Into Keyframe
  • Track: Parallel
  • Track: Start On, Reveal, End On




  • Track: Hand-Off
  • Track: Opening And Closing Space
  • Track: Personal And Impersonal
  • Track: Back Parallax And Unrest
  • Track: Regroup
  • Track: Reframe
  • Track: Timed Master Move
  • Track: Master Push
  • Track: Close Push
  • Track: Low Push, High Push
  • Track: Pull
  • Track: Converge And Counter
  • Track: Pivot
  • Track: Pivot-Reveal
  • Track: Around
  • Pan And Track: Rack Focus
  • Boom And Crane
  • Crane: Keyframe To Keyframe, Parallel
  • Crane: Start On, Reveal, Vertical Converge
  • Crane: Pivot, Pivot-Reveal
  • Crane: Low/High Push, High/Low Push




  • A Notation System For Blocking
  • The Checklist: 7 Essential Blocking Steps
  • Script Staging: “Change Of Plans”
  • “Change Of Plans” Blocking
  • “Change Of Plans” Cut
  • Script Staging: “Under Attack”
  • “Under Attack” Blocking
  • “Under Attack” Cut
  • Script Staging: “Not A Suspect”
  • “Not A Suspect” Blocking
  • “Not A Suspect” Cut


(Scripts and Blocking Diagrams of the scenes we’re working with on Volume V & VI can be found in the Download Section).




  • Script Staging: “System Failure”
  • “System Failure” Blocking
  • “System Failure” Cut
  • Script Staging: “Custody”
  • “Custody” Blocking
  • “Custody” Cut
  • Script Staging: “A Terrible Mistake”
  • “A Terrible Mistake” Blocking
  • “A Terrible Mistake” Cut
  • Script Staging: “The Curse”
  • “The Curse” Blocking
  • “The Curse” Cut
  • Adjusting For Widescreen And Scope

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