How to Setup, Light and Shoot Great Looking Interviews (DVD)

How to Setup, Light and Shoot Great Looking Interviews

Interviews are the foundation of video and television production and are essential to almost every type of program. Great interview lighting is essential to any production, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Regardless of your budget or what kind of camera you have, there’s just no excuse for not shooting the kind of excellent looking interviews that you see on the best network news-magazine programs.


But, as you’ll see, good interview lighting doesn’t require expensive equipment. You can shoot network quality interviews with a light kit that costs less than $1500 to put together — if you know what to buy and how to use it. “How to Setup, Light, & Shoot Great Looking Interviews” is a hands-on, practical guide for television and video camera operators of all abilities. It will teach you all the fundamentals and advanced techniques you need to know for lighting great looking interviews with nothing more than a basic light kit.


Why watch this video? At least 95% of the time a video crew breaks out the light kit, it’s to shoot an interview or some other kind of head shot. If you can plan, setup, and light nice looking interviews, that’s just about all the lighting know-how most people will ever need.



  1. The Light Kit
  2. Choosing the Location
  3. Choosing the Best Angle
  4. Back Light
  5. Key Light
  6. Fill Light
  7. Background Light
  8. Exposure & Depth-of-Field
  9. White Balance
  10. Soft Filters
  11. Focal Length
  12. Composition
  13. Windows
  14. Practicals
  15. Eye Glasses
  16. Kicker Light
  17. Make-Up

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