FXhome Ignite Pro 2017 for OFX (Win64) v1.0.6227

Ignite Pro 2017 gives you over 150 powerful plugins to use in your existing editor or compositor. Experiment with over 500 visual effects, presets and color analysis and correction tools – without ever toggling between software.


No arbitrary restrictions. No time limits. Ignite Pro 2017 neatly plugs into any workflow and all hosts to create a hassle-free workflow. You can even activate it on up to 3 computers – Mac or PC.

Professional keying

Green screen

Clean up your green screen footage with Ignite Pro’s effortless broadcast-quality chroma key. Use the technology to get high-quality removal from blue or green screen, control over edge detail, color correction and advanced spill replacement.

Spill simulation

Ignite Pro’s unique spill simulation plugin replaces unwanted light reflections from your green screen with simulated light from your new background. You can even add the light wrap effect for a more realistic light bloom around your foreground elements.

Stock footage

Turn a dreary London sky into a California dream by extracting black or white background with Ignite Pro’s range of plugins including luminosity keying and demultiply. Perfect for stock footage, these enhance vibrant colors and darken edges for more texture in your scenes.

Matte cleaning

Sometimes keying only gets you halfway to perfection. Ignite Pro’s matte cleaner plugin helps you clean up the rest of your composite through smoothing, feathering and choking the edge of the key.


Atomic particles

Enter ‘the grid’ with Ignite Pro’s atomic particle systems. Images and 3D model surfaces easily morph into point grids that respond to animation or sound. Use atomic particles to create Tron-style holographics, fractal distortions, dramatic dissolves or animations synced to your favorite track.


Create earth-shattering scenes with Ignite Pro’s video-shattering plugin. You can break up videos and images into bricks, shards or any custom shape.

Pro effects in your own NLE

  • 3D muzzle flashes
  • Procedural fire
  • Distortion effects
  • Neon path
  • Easy sci-fi effects
  • Lightning & electricity
  • Lens flare toolkit
  • Warping tools
  • Temporal tools
  • Hide objects

code : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1juN77GZIMoKI6FZC-jsKpsmy4KvhyYeoS97WxcxYKz8/edit

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