Storyboarding in Sketchbook Pro

1.Introduction2 lessons, 03:16


1.2Tools and Resources02:05

2.Creating a Frame Template in Sketchbook Pro2 lessons, 13:01

2.1Understanding Scale and File Size When Creating Storyboards05:27

2.2Creating a Template for Our Storyboard Frames07:34

3.Taking the Script to Rough Pencils3 lessons, 33:37

3.1Briefing Over the Script07:12

3.2Laying Out the Rough Pencils15:00

3.3Revisions to the Rough Pencils and Camera Angles11:25

4.Refining the Artwork4 lessons, 47:52

4.1Understanding When and How to Use References14:46

4.2Creating the Refined Artwork17:16

4.3Looking at the Finished Work Objectively04:53

4.4How to Save Files for the Client10:57

5.Conclusion1 lesson, 02:42

5.1Course Conclusion and Main Points02:42


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