Getting Started in Sketchbook Pro

1.Introduction2 lessons, 04:46


1.2Tools and Resources02:44

2.Tools and Features of Sketchbook Pro6 lessons, 1:03:17

2.1Image and Canvas Creation and Manipulation05:38

2.2Brushes Tool Bar10:40

2.3Understanding and Manipulating Brushes06:40

2.4Creating and Saving a Custom Brush06:46


2.6Perspective Rulers and French Curves20:08

3.Sketchbook Pro in Action3 lessons, 43:39

3.1Creating a Rough Character Sketch16:03

3.2Refining the Line Work of the Character12:02

3.3Coloring Techniques Using Layers and Brushes15:34

4.Conclusion1 lesson, 01:18



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