Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood

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The digital video mode 24p captures imagery more nearly the way motion picture cameras do. It opens up a world of possibilities for digital filmmakers. But aspiring to ‘film-look video’ involves more than just flipping a switch on your camera. The authors share the secrets of Hollywood-style production so you can give your movie a truly polished, commercial look. You won’t need to beg major studios for financing to finally turn your movie into a reality. At last, you’ll be able to make your film, your way. “24P: Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood” is packed with tips and advice for making the most of this incredible technology. It includes an 8-page color insert and offers an insider’s view of the complete chronological sequence of professional film-style production, carefully examining how to apply the new technology from the craftsman who is most involved in or most responsible for each phase — from the producer and cinematographer to the director and editor.


About the Author

Pete Shaner is a motion-picture write-director who has written and directed two independent features: Lover’s Knot (starring Billy Campbell, Jennifer Grey, and Tim Curry) and Nicolas, a supernatural thriller (the first independent feature ever shot in 24P HD). In addition, he co-wrote and directed the second unit for the action movies Shootfighter and Shootfighter II. He also has written for the TV series JAG and worked as the on-set technical advisor for A Few Good Men. He teaches DV production and techniques at UCLA Extension.


Gerald Everett Jones has written more than 20 books on computer and business subjects, including PMP Certification for Dummies, Easy Photoshop Elements and How to Lie with Charts. His screenplay Ballpoint, a comedy about the outrageous huckster who promoted the ballpoint pen in 1945, was among ten projects to be accepted into the Screenwriter’s Lab of Independent Feature Project/West. He is a past director of the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC) and is a member of the Dramasists Guild and the Writers Guild of America. He has professional expertise in computer graphics, industrial video, and website development and served as writer and executive producer of the InnRoom Shopping Network, a private TV channel in luxury hotels.


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