RGGEDU – The Natural Light Portraiture And Retouching Guide

This tutorial is a comprehensive guide to achieve stunning portraits using only natural light in almost any condition. Dani Diamond has spent his career as a portrait photographer exploring the nuances of available light and perfecting techniques that allow him to create remarkable images for his clients. In this 75+ video tutorial, Dani take you on a journey through 9 photo shoots to show you his entire process from location selection to post production in Photoshop.


We understand that everyone photographer is at a different skill level and stage in their career. This tutorial was built around that very idea and is broken down into sections catered towards both entry level photographers and seasoned portrait photographers.


Because Dani only uses available natural light without any modifiers or assistants, this tutorial is perfect for photographers that don’t own lights or would just simply like to minimize the variables on set and keep a light workflow with stunning results.


Even the retouching sections are broken down by topic so viewers less experienced with Photoshop can systematically learn by topic and tool until they are comfortable to move on. For those more advanced, they can jump right to the parts they wish to learn and apply to their own workflow.


Info : http://rggedu.com/products/the-guide-to-natural-light-portraiture-and-retouching


code : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c9NCHqOK8rZpDTmL-NymrQqyaIoKO9u_AroV3nTTurE/edit

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