Grammar of the Edit

Roy Thompson, Christopher J. Bowen, “Grammar of the Edit, Second Edition”

Focal Press | 20, 2009 | ISBN: 024052120X | 236 pages | PDF | 3 MB


“This book, shall we say, ‘cuts to the chase scene’ of what to look for in a good shot. Rather than contain lots of useless trivia look so many other books on filmaking and editing [“here’s what a movieola looks like…it was invented in 1272 by Sir Random Dingleberry…”, etc.], this book describes in no uncertain terms what ABSOLUTELY MUST BE IN EACH AND EVERY SHOT — so that the successful film-maker can build a story that flows smoothly. This book will help you to be artistic, but will also help you to avoid confusing your audience. A small book that is easily read in the space of an hour, the student or novice film-maker will find himself using it as a quick reference many times over. Highly recommended.”


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