Digital Cinema Filmmaker’s Training Course – 20 DVDs

DCT-MP, BP, and LS: 20 DVDs That teach Filmmaking from Writing to Post. All DVDs feature: Motion Menus and Instant-Access Chapter buttons. The most revolutionary training course you will ever own.


Over 30 hours of filmmaking savvy, wisdom, examples, demonstrations, tips and tricks, presented on 20 DVDs by people who work in Hollywood day in, day out. Learn Scriptwriting, Formatting, Editing, Camera Operation, Lighting, Exposure, Audio, and Directing, all focused on Digital Movies


The Command Course Basic


25+ Hours of Learning (Basic)

  • DCT-MP Movie Production Set (6 DVDs)
  • DCT-BP Basic Production Set (2 DVDs)
  • DCT-LS Lighting Production Set (4 DVDs)
  • DCT-GG Gear Guide (7 DVDs)
  • DCT-FM1 Field Manual
  • DCT-PCL Production Checklist
  • DCT-PCD Pre-Production CD

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